With Dynasty Jewelry, you can make your dreams come true. Create a unique piece of jewellery with your choice of gemstones.

Dynasty Jewelry


An offshoot of Dynasty Jewelry that was established by Shelly and her husband Desmond in 1995. Dynasty Jewelry was born out of a desire to create everyday interesting and stylish jewellery for the modern woman.

Helming the brand, Shelly’s vibrant personality is the inspiration for her creations. With a strong fashion sense and her pulse on modern women’s pace of life, Shelly designs with a meticulous eye for detail and an uncanny understanding of womanhood to deliver jewellery that are easy to wear, versatility in use, quality to endure and undeniably stylish.

Fine quality in gemstones and craftsmanship paired with youthful and contemporary designs. Shelly’s creations are dazzling signature of today’s woman, to accentuate their strength and femininity.

Our Services

Explore our personalised & unique jewelry designs

Jewellery Design

Choose from thousands of exquisite designs.​ We also provide repair and redesign services for customers

Valet matching of various GIA diamonds and gems

We assist clients in choosing between different GIA diamonds and gems according to personal preferences and budgets, catering to different needs.

Custom Proposal / Wedding Series

We assist clients with customised proposal ideas with wedding rings and jewellery.

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